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Monthly Archives: October 2015

eco friendly cat tree

Eco friendly cat trees review

One of the biggest trend in pet furniture is using materials that are eco friendly. This trend applies to cat trees as well so we are going to look at some green cat trees that you can consider if you are an environmental friendly consumer.

litter box enclosure ideas featured

5 litter box enclosure ideas

Hiding the litter box is becoming a common home decor technique to prevent cat litter boxes from disrupting the beautiful decor of a home. In the previous article, I have highlight 5 ways of doing so that involves different ideas and decor tips. Today, I

Best vertical cat scratcher

Best vertical cat scratcher

In our previous article on the best cat scratcher reviews, we did a PetFusion cat scratcher lounge review. That was a very popular product as many found it to be functional as well as stylish. The good news is that PetFusion has a long line