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5 litter box enclosure ideas

Hiding the litter box is becoming a common home decor technique to prevent cat litter boxes from disrupting the beautiful decor of a home. In the previous article, I have highlight 5 ways of doing so that involves different ideas and decor tips. Today, I shall target specifically on litter box enclosure ideas as many home owners would love for the box to be completely out of sight.


#1: Washer/dryer cabinet

litter box enclosure ideas 1If you are currently storing your washer and/or dryers in cabinets, it is not a bad idea to squeeze some space to lot a hidden cat litter box inside.  You just need to create an opening for your cat to move in and out of the enclosed area easily. As the image above shows, this idea can camouflage the litter box very well and make it unseen.


#2: Shoe cabinet

litter box enclosure ideas 2Another easy way to take advantage of existing storage places is to use the shoe cabinet. You might need to sacrifice a part of the cabinet to install the cat litter box but you will not need to purchase another separate enclosure for the litter box.  To prevent the cat from damaging your shoe, you will need to create an opening on the side of the door that leads outside, and not to the shoes section.


#3: Side table enclosure

litter box enclosure ideas 3If you have a small litter box then one simple way of enclosing it is to store it within a side table that isn’t used. This is a fast and easy way to create your own cat litter enclosure. The only thing you need to worry about is how to create an opening for the cat to move in and out of the side table.


#4: Under sink

litter box enclosure ideas 4For those who have a spacious under sink area, this can be the perfect place to hide your cat litter box. It is an area that usually can’t be seen at the eye level and it also makes sure of untapped space. The only tricky part is that your litter box must be lower under the under sink’s height. If that is not a problem, you got yourself a perfect way to enclose the litter box.


#5: Under stair cat litter box

litter box enclosure ideas 5There are plenty of storage spaces under stairs. If you got one, then it is a great place to enclose your cat litter box with.  Again, there isn’t much work beyond creating an opening at the stairs cabinet for the cat to travel freely. The under stairs area is an often overlooked place but it does make a lot of sense to create your litter box enclosure there.

Hope you find these 5 ideas practical and useful. Most of them are easy to pull of with just a bit of drilling and sanding work. Remember that you need to make the opening really smooth so that the cats will not suffer from any scratches and such when they leaving and entering. That will be a big turn off for them if they get injured from using the litter box enclosures.

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