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5 modern cat litter furniture designs you will love

Continuing with our theme on profiling beautiful modern hidden cat litter box and hidden cat litter furniture, this article will cover designs that are not yet available in the market. With these concept designs, you will see how the future of hidden cat furniture will evolve. Specifically, they will be more sleek and do a better home of blending into our modern home decor. Be warned though. You WILL feel attempted to buy one of these after seeing their beautiful design.


LitterPod hidden modern cat litter box

modern hidden cat litter box design 1The Litterpod was introduced in 2008 and is now available in the market. It is a stylish looking hidden cat litter furniture with an easy to open top for you to clean the litter.

It measures 22″ wide by 16.5″ deep by 16″ tall with minimal installation needed. The inside of the cat litter box is spacious and allows the cats to be comfortable whenever they are inside.

The material is made of smell resistant material so it is easy to clean and wouldn’t smell bad even after prolonged usage.  Currently, it retails for about USD60 and should be available in online store such as Amazon.


Home made hidden cat litter box from Etsy

Modern hidden cat litter furniture 2If you liked one of a kind, unique items, Etsy is the place for you as most stuff are made by individuals, rather than companies. Here is one that I liked. It looks elegant and has multiple colors to choose from.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.44.50 amThe material is Maple hardwood and is supposedly easy to clean. The whole design is geared towards the concept of a cat litter box for smaller spaces. Total measurement is 20½”L x 13¾”W x 22½”H, which doesn’t takes much space.

The whole thing is hand made by the creator and can be only be found in Etsy. If you liked it, search for modernistcat in the Etsy listings.


Julinka hidden cat litter cabinet

Modern hidden cat litter furniture 3An amazing sleek hidden cat litter cabinet from German design house, Julinka. To be upfront, this is a very expensive piece of cat litter furniture. The price tag alone is about USD800!! However, it has the finest finish I has ever seen in such a furniture item.

The box opens to reveal a very big interior with a thoughtful window at the top for air ventilation.  The cabinet uses magnetic latches  so there is no physical handles on the doors, which further adds to the sleekness of its design.


Nabinamu cat litter design

Modern hidden cat litter furniture 4Hailing from Korean, Nabinamu is well known for its funky and modern furniture design. Their style is fully captured in its line of cat furniture, including this colorful cat litter furniture.  I love the cat shaped window that gives the cat litter furniture a lot of character. The colors are also the hallmark of its design style, with its pastel tones lighting up any room it is placed in.

If you liked this design, be prepared to ship it from Korea as there is no US distributor who is carrying this product into the country. The shipping cost will be high!


Elegant hidden cat litter bench

Modern hidden cat litter furniture 5We have featured hidden cat litter bench before so this is an alternate choice. Using a dark colored wood as the base material, it gives us  an elegant and classic feel. The top of the bench can be used as a sitting area or a storage place for small items. Either way, it is a multiple functional piece of furniture that will blend in nicely in your home.

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