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5 practical ways of hiding a litter box

Cat litter box is not the most glamorous type of furniture you want to display. They smell really bad and most of the designs do not fit into any modern decor. Fortuantely, there are now different ways to hiding a litter box such that your visitors may never know it even exist. Presented below are a couple of interesting ideas and methods.


#1: Buy a hidden cat litter box furniture

Hidden cat litter box furniture

The most convenient of hiding a litter box is to buy one of these modern and hidden cat litter box furniture. I have introduced such a furniture in my previous article and it is in the form of a plant. You can see the image above to have a feel of how it looks like.

Besides a plant pot, there are different types of modern cat litter furniture designs you can consider. A shoe bench with a hidden litter box for example can serve the dual function of hiding your litter box as well as providing some shoe storage space for your home.


#2: DIY a box to hide the cat litter

DIY cat litter furnitureIf you do not want to spend money on buying an off the shelf hidden cat litter furniture, you can always improvise and build your own. The cheapest and easiest way is to get a IKEA storage box for around USD6 and cut a hole into them. This acts as the door for the cat and allows it to enter and leave easily. An IKEA storage box has a simple but elegant design so it looks much better than your usual cat litter box.


#3: Find existing hidden storage

cat litter hidden under stairs

Another simple way to hiding a litter box is to find existing hidden spaces within your house or apartment. If you need help, check out this site for plenty of hidden storage ideas. Basically, you want to make use of a space that is already hidden from sight and use that for your cat litter storage. A good example is under the stairs hidden storage. You can easily hide your litter box there and no one will know it even exists.

What you need to do is to create a storage area under your stairs first. Then, use one of the storage box as a place to hide your cat litter box. The image above will give you a better picture of how this should be done.


#4: Convert existing unwanted furniture

cat litter shoe bench storageA variation of the #1 idea is to convert your existing furniture into a hidden cat litter box, rather than buying a new one. Since it is your existing furniture, it will blend in quite nicely with your decor.

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you have a shoe bench or a large coffee table, that is where I will start. You will need some DIY skills for this but if you got them, it is a much cheaper way than idea #1.


#5: Use modern coverings

hiding a litter box

This last idea is pretty common sense. If there is an unsightly object, cover it! In this case, you can use a colorful cloth or curtain to cover the entire cat litter box so that it appears to be part of the decor. The picture below shows how this can be done easily and elegantly.

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