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5 unique cat trees to drool over

The article on cat house that look like a tree got some pretty good response in terms of visitors. As a follow up, here is another one that looks at all the beautiful and unique cat trees posted by people around the world. If you are looking for a cat tree or just browsing for inspirations, you have come to the right place.

#1: Little Lotus cat tree

little lotu cat treeA very modern looking cat tree house that looks almost like a piece of art. It is called the LIttle Lotus cat tree and is from the talented designers at Refined Feline. It also has a nice hidden cat litter box at the bottom to mask all poo poo and pee pee activities haha.


#2: Necobaco cat tree

modern cat treeThis modern cat tree hails from the creative minds of Necobaco from Japan. It features a nice white architectural feel, with its multi layer concepts. There is a lot of different areas for the cats to explore and play with.  However, this is definitely not for fat cats so if your cat is overweight, don’t buy this or it will surely topple the cat tree.


#3: Royal Woods cat scratcher tree

modern cat scratcher treeThese cat scratcher trees is a fine example of elegance in design. Regardless of where they are placed in your home, it wouldn’t out of place and function as both a cat scratcher as well as a piece of decorative furniture. The material used is liana wood, which gives the cat tree a shiny appearance. This mode comes in three sizes and is available from the Royal Woods website.


#4: Sebastian cat tree

Sebastian cat treeThe Sebastian cat tree is a mixture of storage cubes and cat tree design. It cleverly stacks the cubes such as it follows an easy path for cats to climb up and down. The placement also create plenty of spaces for cats to laze around or to sleep. For boxes that are too small for the cat, you can use them as shelves to display or store your stuff.


#5: WOHNBLOCK cat tree bookshelf

WOHNBLOCK cat treeThis cat tree bookshelf is created by German designer Oliver Kiege, who can’t find any cat tree that fits in well into his modern home. Similar to #4, the designer uses modular storage cubes as steps for the cat to move around. The same cubes also act as bookshelves where you can display and store your books. It looks really modern and should be a good fit for any contemporary home.


#5: WOHNBLOCK retro cat tree

WOHNBLOCK retro cat treeComing from the same designer as #5, this is a very cool and retro cat tree design. The magic comes from the overlapping rectangle shapes. Each platform on the cat tree comes with carpeted inserts for cats to scratch to their heart’s contend. It is available in two colors and you can buy from the wohnblock’s site.



Cat tree designs are no longer the boring vertical furniture that we are used to seeing. More designers are reinventing what a cat tree should do like by mixing and matching functions from other furniture types. If you keep your options open, you will find many cool and unique cat tree designs on the market today.

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