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cat house that looks like a tree featured

Cat house that looks like a tree

I have reviewed cat tree house for small apartments before. Although being called a tree house, none of the models I have reviewed looks like an actual tree. However, from my recent understanding, there are cat owners who are looking for cat house that really

non smelly cat litter box featured

4 types of non smelly litter box

A smelly litter box is the last thing that any cat owner will want in their homes. Most cheap litter boxes doesn’t stop litter tracking and they made it hard for owners to clean the litter away. If you want a non smelly litter box,

top cat scratching post review

Best cat scratchers reviews

Letting your cats scratch their hearts out is one of the things you need to do for your pet. If not, prepare to see your expensive furniture or home feeling the blunt of their paws. That is why it is important to buy a top

hiding a litter box feature

5 practical ways of hiding a litter box

Cat litter box is not the most glamorous type of furniture you want to display. They smell really bad and most of the designs do not fit into any modern decor. Fortuantely, there are now different ways to hiding a litter box such that your

cat tree furniture for small apartments featured

Cat tree furniture for small apartments

Cat tree furniture is one of the more popular cat furniture in recent years. Cats seem to love to play in the tree houses and spend hours going through the various pieces of the house. Unfortunately, some cat tree furniture can be really large or

modern hidden cat litter box design 1

5 modern cat litter furniture designs you will love

Continuing with our theme on profiling beautiful modern hidden cat litter box and hidden cat litter furniture, this article will cover designs that are not yet available in the market. With these concept designs, you will see how the future of hidden cat furniture will