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Best cat scratchers reviews

Letting your cats scratch their hearts out is one of the things you need to do for your pet. If not, prepare to see your expensive furniture or home feeling the blunt of their paws. That is why it is important to buy a top cat scratcher to let your cats paw on them. If you have no idea which model is the best, here is my top cat scratching reviews.


Smartcat scratching post review

best cat scratcher reviewOne of the top rated cat scratching post is from Smartcat. Its biggest selling point is that cats simply love to scratch on it once they discovered it.  If they do, you can be rest assured that your cats will scratch their heart out on this post, rather than your wallpaper or furniture.

The tricky part of course if to get them to at least try it. From some reviews, I know some cat owners have some difficulty doing that. Here are some tricks that help you get the best of this cat scratching post:

  • Hang a cat you on top of the post. This will get the cat to try the post in order to reach the toy. Soon, you will discovered that the cat will love scratching the post more than trying to get to the toy
  • Spray some cat nip type spray to attract them

Once you cat gets using this product, you will immediately notice another powerful benefit: Smartcat’s cat scratching post is very very durable. Made of fibrous, durable sisal, this post can last you years. One particular review updated his review to say that it has been four years since he bought the product and it is still as new.

In terms of stability. the heavy base helps to stablise the post and prevent it from wobbling. This is something the cat absolutely hates and will should probably discourage it from using the post if it is not stable.

The product design is very sensible. It is tall so cats can scratch vertically. In fact it is big enough for several cats to do their scratching together. It is also beautifully designed and would not out of place in any modern home decor.

Overall, Smartcat is a top rated scratching post that works. It is durable, stable and very nicely designed. On top of it, it is also very affordable so it gets a top recommendation from me.


Petfusion cat scratcher review

top cat scratching post reviewPetfusion cat scratcher lounge is a different example of a cat scratcher. It is one of modern cat scratcher furniture that looks a lot like the hidden cat litter furniture.  It looks elegant but is also equally durable as a cat scratcher due to its dense cardboard material.

On average, Petfusion cat scratcher lounge can last at least 1 year but will probably go to 2 to 3, depending on how many cats you have in the home and how aggressive they are in terms of scratching.

The curvy design is what makes this cat scratcher such a beauty to behold. It looks very different from the usual pole design and blends in well with the rest of the furnishing. Beyond good looks, the curves actually serve as an attraction for the cats since they since to love curvy objects (which explains why they like to play with knit balls).

Size wise, it is large enough for 2-3 cats to play on it concurrently. It is strong enough to hold them and the material is durable enough to withstand their total assult LOL

Overall, the Petfusion cat scratcher is one of the rare scratcher that has a modern design, although that doesn’t mean it is any less durable and useful. On the contraty, take away the design element and this cat scatcher is still a functional piece of item that every cat owner should have.



What have been recommended here are 2 top rated cat scratcher that has gotten hundreds of positive reviews of Amazon. I am sure that means the product quality can be assured and you will have a cat scratcher that not only works well but should last you for a long time.


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