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Best litter box for small apartments

For folks living in small apartment, finding the right litter box can be a pain. You want something small and yet effective to avoid having to clean cat litter all day long. Here are some recommendations that you should take note of.


Clevercat litter box review

best litter box for small apartmentThe Clevercat Top Entry Litter box is one of the highly rated cat litter box for small apartments. It is compact and can be easily stored away in corners or small spaces. Best of all, it works beautiful as it can help to reduce the amount of cat litter on the floor. It wouldn’t reduce it to 0% but you will definitely notice the difference once you start using it.

On the surface, the Clevercat top entry litter box seems like any other storage box with a hole drilled into the cover. However, there are 2 subtle differences you might not be aware.

First, the lid’s corrugations seems to really help reduce the litter. I don’t know the mechanics of why it does but I know it does play an important part. These corrugations are hard to produce by yourself using any storage boxes with lids.

Second, the hole has a very smooth lid that is again hard to duplicate if you go the DIY route. The smoothness is important if you want your cats to not scratch itself during its poo time. It also makes cleaning the litter box much easier. Can you imagine a non smooth circle where you need to insert your hand into and potentially getting small cuts and such?

Since this is for small apartments, another good thing is that this can be used as a litter box for multiple cats. One reviewer on Amazon had 2 cats and used the same litter box because of limited space. It is not going to perfect but at least the cats are not rejecting the use of it.

Finally, the price for his box is very reasonable. It is only USD30 so I think it is much more time efficient to simply buy it, rather than trying to DIY.  Many of you will think it is not worth the money because it looks like any other storage box but as explained above, it is quite effective due to subtle design differences.


Hidden cat litter flower pot

Hidden cat litter box furnitureAnother idea for small apartment is buy one of these hidden cat litter plant pot. It can serve dual roles of being a cat litter box as well as a decorative item. In this way, you can actually saving space as you remove the need to have 2 items in your home.

I have reviewed this item before when I wrote about hidden cat litter furniture.  To summarize, it is a beautifully designed cat litter box that your visitors wouldn’t know about. It is especially to clean and would cause a strong smell in your home. Basically, it is a very nice litter box to have in your small apartment.

The only downside is the cost. If you think the $30 Clevercat litter box is expensive, wait until you see the price tag on this one. On average, it retails around USD100 although you can get it for less whenever Amazon offers sales, such as the one it is doing now (currently selling for USD70 as for this writing). So, for those who are on a budget, the price might seems high for a cat litter box, no matter how well designed it is.



These 2 models are what I considered to be the best cat litter box for small apartments. One is practical, affordable but looks quite basic. The other is very well designed and serves a dual function. However, the price tag is high. Depending on your budget and needs, buying either one of these will make for a great cat litter box.

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