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Best vertical cat scratcher

In our previous article on the best cat scratcher reviews, we did a PetFusion cat scratcher lounge review. That was a very popular product as many found it to be functional as well as stylish. The good news is that PetFusion has a long line of such modern cat scratchers in its product range. In this article, we are reviewing its 3 sided vertical cat scratcher. Is it the best vertical cat scratcher in the market? Let’s find out.


Petfusion vertical cat scratcher review

Petfusion vertical cat scratch reviewPetfusion’s key strength is its modern design and this 3 sided vertical cat scratcher is no exception. Its elegant and practical design will fit into any contemporary home. Your visitors will no think this is a cat product. Rather, it can viewed as a decorative price of modern furniture.

In term of function, it does its job well. It has both vertical and horizontal scratchers which is important because it stretches different muscles groups for the cat.  Having said that, the horizontal scratcher can only accessed via the center which can be a bit small if your cat is large size.

Quality and build wise, this product is as solid as they can come.  It is durable and can be used for a quite a long time. In fact, one of the ‘trick’ of the design is that you can flip the cat scratcher on different sides when one side is being worn out. This will lengthen the shelf life of this product.

From the reviewers, many have indicated that their cats really love it. Most of them say their cats like to play with it for long periods of time. It is also a good substitute for your furniture since that will happen if you don’t have a good scratcher at home.

In summary, this is a great vertical scratcher. However there are some things that I feel can be improved.

Firstly is the weight. Large cats have no problem moving this around so this becomes a toy rather than a scratcher. This may turn off some cats and resulted in this being a white elephant. One solution to avoid this from happening is to place it on the rubber map. That will make it very hard to move for the cats.

Secondly, the cat scratcher loses one of its vertical sides once it is placed on the ground using the feet accessories. To gain all 3 sides, you need a place to wedge this product and it is not easy to find such a place in your home.



A cat scratcher main function is to attract the cat’s attention so that it will not turn its paws on your home furniture. To that extend, Petfusion’s vertical cat scratcher does job, especially for small and middle sized cats. For large cats, you might need to do some adjustment so that it doesn’t move that much in order to retain their attention.

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