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Best ways to reduce cat litter smell in small apartment

Even though you might love your cats dearly, the cat litter smell in small apartment is probably something that you cannot bear as well. The smaller living space makes the whole smell more unbearable as it seems to linger to every part of the house.

The difficulty thing about removing such smell is that there are many potential causes. It can be the litter box or your cleaning routines etc. Without knowing your particular reason, I have listed out several different ways to help you remove cat litter smell in your small apartment.


#1: Daily cleaning

The number #1 rule to getting rid of cat litter smell is to do a cleaning daily of the litter box. You need to scope the box and remove any hard litter clumps. Cleaning the litter box is optional, depending on the box that you are using. Some litter box are self cleaning and hence does not require active cleaning. Others might need you to wash it regularly.

To make the daily scoping easier, you should buy scoopable litter or Clumping Litter. This makes the job 10 times easier and wouldn’t make litter cleaning a chore that you might avoid doing. It is more expensive but is worth the additional money.


#2: Invest in a good litter box

Litter box design will make a difference to how smelly the cat litter can be. I have recommend some non smelly cat litter box that you can take a look. These boxes may cost you more than the usual but they can get the job in terms of reducing litter tracking and smelly odor.  The methods which these boxes help differs. Some might use high tech solutions like ultra lighting to kill the bacteria and smell while others resort to solid design that can self clean. If the cat litter smell is bothering you, it might be worthwhile to invest in something high quality.


#3: Place in well ventilated area

Most cat owners like to hide their cat litter boxes in corners or small enclosed areas as they think it is unsightly and smelly. However, doing that actually worsens the smell as the odors get concentrated. If you worry about disrupting your small home decor, you can always pick those hidden cat litter furniture. They look gorgeous and so beautifully designed that your visitors wouldn’t that they are cat litter boxes. The image below is one such example.

Hidden cat litter box furniture


#4: Use a litter deodorizer

Litter deodorizer goes a long way in getting rid of the cat litter smell. There are many brands in the market but I recommend either the Arm And Hammer Litter Deodorizer or Tidy Cat. Both works great and is affordable.


#5: Charcoal filter

As a final precaution, you can lay charcoal filter within the cat litter box. Charcoal is a great material for absorbing smell and bacteria so it can prevent your small apartment from stinking. The best place to lay the charcoal filter is at the door and/or window opening in your cat litter box. That will keep the smell out for sure.

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