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Cat house that looks like a tree

I have reviewed cat tree house for small apartments before. Although being called a tree house, none of the models I have reviewed looks like an actual tree. However, from my recent understanding, there are cat owners who are looking for cat house that really looks like a tree. They understand that cats like to climb trees in general so they prefer a house that are as close to the natural environment possible. Hence, the purpose of this article is to recommend the best cat house that looks like a tree to any cat owners who might potentially want one.


Catreesort cat tree condo review

cat house that looks like a treeOn the first glance, you know that the Catreesort cat condo is something that should be invented long time ago.  The cat house looks absolutely beautiful and fits in right in your home as a decorative tree. Without a closer look, nobody will know that this is a cat house.

While the design is outstanding, the real reason you should buy this is the built quality. Everything screams quality from the moment the components come out of the box.

The base at the ground is made of thick plywood that is meant to be hold the tree steady. It is really heavy so it can definitely do its job well. Its area is around 3 foot all around so that is the space you will need to put this cat tree house on. There are 4 adjustable legs at the bottom. This is to help you stabilize the base and prevent it from being wobbly in case your flooring is uneven.

The rest of the materials are equally high quality. From the pipe that acts as the tree branch to the 3 level bases on the above ground levels, it is good stuff. Best of all, the carpeted base can be cleaned and vacuumed, thus preventing it from being smelly and mushy after a couple of months of usage. cat house that looks like a tree 2

In terms of installation, it is really easy. You need to first set up the base as mentioned above and make is wobble free. Then slide in the pipe and tighten it. Next, drop the 3 bases from the top to the levels where they are supposed to be. Finally. decorate the tree with the branches. It is really easy to do and shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

For durability, a reviewer on Amazon already has this for 3 years and said it still works. By his estimation, this cat house can last for around 6-7 years. Divide its price by the number of years and you can see how it is actually value for money.

If you are looking for cat house that looks like a tree, this is a good choice to make.


Silk Planet Direct cat house review

cat house looks like treeThe model from Silk Planet Direct works a bit differently than the Catreesort model.  The main truck is an actual Birch tree truck that is perched on a carpeted base while the leaves are replica of the Birch’s leaves. In a way, it is like having a real tree inside your home without the hassle of growing one.

The carpeted base is as sturdy as the Catreesort model. It is heavy but is also easily maintained. The 2 bowels comes with carpeted base so they can be cleaned as well. These act as resting or sleeping places when the cats get bored of climbing or playing with the trees

The set also comes with a thick sisal rope on the middle of the tree truck. This is for the cats to scratch to their hearts content so that they can leave your furniture alone :)

The only downside is the price. It costs around USD800+ so it is not cheap. The good thing is that Amazon might offer some discount so it is good to watch out for that when it happens. Then you will be getting a good deal on a high quality cat house product.


There isn’t many cat house that looks like a real tree in the market today. These 2 models are the ones I can find that is high quality in both design, looks, and materials. They might be a bit pricey but if discounted over the number of the years, the cost isn’t too bad.

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