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Cat tree furniture for small apartments

Cat tree furniture is one of the more popular cat furniture in recent years. Cats seem to love to play in the tree houses and spend hours going through the various pieces of the house. Unfortunately, some cat tree furniture can be really large or tall and don’t fit into small houses that well. So, in this article, I am going to recommend some modern and contemporary cat tree for small apartments. Enjoy!


Petco small cat tree house review

cat tree for small apartments 1First of all, let’s be clear that this Petco cat tree is meant for a small cat or a kitten. Don’t place your 12 pounds cat on it and hope it doesn’t fall apart. It will unless your cat does nothing but lay in it!

The best part about this cat tree house, besides being small, is the availability of the scratch pole. Cats just love to have their paws scratching this thing. Without it, I would assume your other furniture will bear the burden of your cat doing its scratching on them.

The design of the cat tree house is just great. Cats can jump around it or just sleep in it. These multiple functions offered by the house means you cat just plenty of options when it comes to using it.

Putting it together was simple as there isn’t many part to the tree house. Due to its size, it can feel wobbly but rest assured that it wouldn’t fall apart that easily (unless your cat is really big and fat).

Overall, it is a great looking modern cat tree furniture with solid usability functions. Its affordable price makes it an even more attractive offer.


Midwest cat tree house review

cat tree furniture for small apartmentsThis is a cat tree house from Midwest that fits well into a small apartment due to its vertical design. Despite occupying only a small amount of floor space, it provides a surprisingly wide range of activities for the cat to do. From burrowing in to the bottom hole to climbing the steps and resting at the top, it packs quite a different number of functions.

Like the Petco cat tree house, this furniture is easy to assemble and comes with a detailed step by step instruction guide. The only tricky part is getting the pole through into the bottom basket but it should be solvable once you studied the assembly guide more.

Support wise, it can hold up to 3 cats without any issues as long as the cat is not weighing more than 15 pounds. However, some reviewers mentioned about the house being wobbly when cats jumped on it. This is not a unique problem and happens to most cat tree houses that doesn’t cost a few hundred dollars. If you worry about the safety, the best way is to place the cat house along the wall for greater support. It is not necessary but might give you a better peace of mind.

Finally, there is also the ropes that made for good scratching objects which will keep the cat’s paws off your home furniture. Cats love to play with that and it is great that the company included this in the design.

Overall, the Midwest cat tree furniture is another great cat tree house for you to consider if you live in a small house or room.


Armarkat cat tree house review

cat tree furniture for small apartments reviewFor really small apartments, this cat tree furniture from Armarket is perfect as you can see it is really small in size. It is ideal for cats that weight below 10 pounds, preferably around 8 to 9 pounds.

The scratching pole and the role is the highlight for this cat tower as cats love to paw their feet at them for hours. The hole however might be too small for some cats although the bigger ones still like to jump on top of it or to just scratch it.

Assembly is easy but do note to tighten the bolt that fastens the perch with the base. If not, your whole cat tower might be wobbly and turns off your cat in trying them.

Design wise, it is very compact and has a nice modern blue color tone to match your modern apartments. If you are looking for a cat tower that is really small, this will be your answer.

Hope you enjoy these recommendations on the best cat tree for small apartments.

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