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Eco friendly cat trees review

One of the biggest trend in pet furniture is using materials that are eco friendly. This trend applies to cat trees as well so we are going to look at some green cat trees that you can consider if you are an environmental friendly consumer. Do note that when we say eco friendly, it usually refers to only certain parts of the cat tree. It is unlikely that 100% of a cat tree is made of environmentally friendly materials.


#1: Baobab eco friendly cat tree review

eco friendly cat tree baobab reviewThe Baobab cat tree uses 100% recycled wood fiber as the laminate for the stands. The rest of the cat tree furniture is probably not recycled material.

The good thing about this model is its stability and the high quality wood being used. The whole thing, when assembled, doesn’t look cheap and is very steady when cats climb on top of it.

Putting the cat tree together is a breeze. The set comes with clear instructions on what to do and fitting the pieces together is easy.

The design of the cat tree is very modern and it looks great when placed in your home. The space between the space is reasonable for the cats to jump around without much difficulty.

To ease the cat’s scratching habit, carpet pieces are placed on every step. These carpet are not only allowing cats to scratch to their heart’s content but they are also easy to remove and cleans so maintaining it is not an issue. The only possible problem, as highlighted by a reviewer, is whether you have trained your cats to only scratch on sisal.

Price wise, this particular cat tree will set you back about USD350+. It is not cheap but the quality of the cat tree is worth your money.


#2: Petpal recycle cat tree review

recycled cat tree petpal reviewYou can’t get more eco friendly than this recycled paper cat tree condo from Petpal. It is made from 100% recycled materials and contains no toxic components.

It is also much more affordable when compared to the model above. It costs less than USD100 but the quality isn’t comprised. The only thing is that it is shorter which explains the lower price.

Most of this eco friendly cat condo is protected with sisal so cats love to scratch on it. Reviewers also commented that their cats love to play with it as well as taking a nap on the top level. Overall, it seems that most cats love this particular cat tree.

In terms of looks, it can be considered a modern cat tree house. The colors and the design lines are elegant and match almost any kind of decor that you might have.

Assembling this cat tree is also easy and requires not much effort. There is no carpet material for this model so it is easy to maintain and wouldn’t mess up your home.



The 2 cat tree condos presented above are reliable, stylish and are eco friendly. Although they are not your budget cat tree, they are worth the money as your cats will surely love to play and rest on them.

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