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Is this the best wooden cat litter bench furniture?

If you are buying a wooden cat litter enclosure or hidden furniture, consider this a warning. Make sure your cat is accurate is its pissing! This is not a joke. If you cat is messy, forget about buying a wooden cat litter box enclosure. Why? The wood, no matter how good, will absorb the pissing and create many issues. First, it will smell terribly and there is no way to get that smell off the wood. Second, the water moisture will create the wood to wrap and this means your enclosure will not hold up over time.

So, if you are sure your cat is accurate in its pissing, then please proceed to read on. Otherwise, please consider a recycled plastic alternative like the one I recommended in this article on the best cat litter box table furniture.

Wooden cat litter box enclosure review

If your cat is not messy, this wooden cat litter bench will be a much appreciated piece of furniture for your home. It holds really well if there was no moisture being absorbed into the wood. It has a beautiful finish that adds to the class of your home, rather than the usual butt ugly cat liter box.

Wooden cat litter enclosure

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What makes this a must buy is really its multi functional purpose. If the cat doesn’t come out, nobody will know it is really an enclosure for the cat litter box. Instead, it looks like a nice, wooden storage bench. In fact, you can use it as such by placing stuff on top of it. Compared to the normal cat litter box, it will fit it nicely into your home.

The other nice thing about this particular piece of furniture is that it has a large interior. Below is an image of how the inside can look with a 17 pounds cat. The space inside is just amazing. Your cat will enjoy its privacy and will probably not piss anywhere around the house.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.42.14 pm

In terms of cleaning, it is a breeze. You can open the front doors to clear the litter box and to wash the entire thing.  The whole thing is also easy to put together.

Finally, here are a few pieces of advice to ensure this wooden cat litter bench can last:

  • Put a double layer of liners on the floor in case the cats miss their pissing
  • Add a charcoal or air purifying bag if your cat tend to kick through their litter
  • To have zero trace of cat litter smell, add a air filter as wll
  • If you removed the divider inside the bench, try not to place excessive weight on top as this will wrap the bench. Only do so if you have divider in place


To conclude, this wooden cat litter box enclosure can make a difference to the decor of your home if your cat is not messy. It hides the cat litter box well and looks very presentable. If you make the effort of adding in the accessories I have mentioned, there is zero trace of cat litter smell in your home. Perfect for whose home owners with cats who still want to maintain a nice decor.

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