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Litter box furniture for multiple cats

We have recommended quite a few cat litter furniture on this website including this one on cat litter box enclosure. However, all the models are suitable for multiple cats. For example, this hidden cat litter pot looks fantastic and works well but it is not suitable for multiple cats unless you have several of them. Today’s focus is to recommend a litter box furniture that is suitable for more than one cat to use. These are not easy to find because most of the current models are suited for 1 cat only.


What to look for in a cat litter box enclosure for multiple cats?

When shopping for 2 cats or more litter box, there are something you should be aware of

  • Opening: check out how many openings the cat litter box. Most models have only one which is not ideal. You will want your cat to have its own opening so that they don’t cross into each other’s litter box.
  • Space: having sufficient space within the litter box furniture is important to let your cats enjoy the furniture. If space is too cramp, they might stop using it altogether.
  • Compact: even though the cat litter box is meant for 2 cats, the design can still be compact. That will minimize any disturbance to your home decor and help to keep your house looking modern and sleek.


 Furever cat litter furniture review

cat litter furniture for multiple cats furever reviewFurever cat litter range of products has a nice looking enclosure bench that can house 2 cat litter boxes. Each side of this enclosure has a hole that allows the cat to move to their respective cat litter box without getting into each other’s way.

Another fantastic thing about the Furever cat litter furniture is their use of TiO2 coating to protect the wood. It is very common for wooden cat litter box to stink because the urine of the cats might get spray on the wood and are impossible to remove, thus leading to bad odors. The TiO2 coating protects the wood and destroy the smell with the right lighting.

The TiO2 coating is also intend to be never replaced thus you don’t have waste or money buying carbon filters that most cat owners will buy. How the coating works is that it breaks down the odor through a catelyst process. Carbon filters, on the other hand, simply absorbs the smell so they need to be replaced once they can’t absorb anymore.



It is not easy to find cat litter box that are specifically made for multiple cats. Even if the cat litter box is big, it might not be suitable for multiple cat usage due to lack of design features that have been mentioned in this article. The Furever brand is a good model that can be considered.

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