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Modern hidden cat litter box enclosure you need to see

If you have a modern home and doesn’t want a stinking and ugly looking cat litter box to spoil the look, you need to get one of these cat litter box enclosure that allows you to hide the litter box. There are currently two options available: one is to DIY and build a modern enclosure for your cat litter box. This option saves you money as well as allowing you to create some fanciful designs that are unique. The second option is to buy off the shelf. This is for folks who don’t have the time or skills to DIY your own furniture. You need to spend money but you get the furniture fast without any fuss or delay.

If you are thinking about the second option, this is the post for you as we covered a couple of beautifully designed modern hidden cat litter box that will fit right into your home without looking out of the place or strange.


#1: Hidden cat litter box in a pot

Hidden cat litter box furniture

This is one of the coolest design I have seen for a cat litter box enclosure. It is so well designed that most of your visitors will missed the fact that there is a cat inside the pot until it decides to come out.  Within this pot is a spacious place that can easily house the cat litter box. It is easy to clean as well as you only need to lift the top up whenever you want to clean the pot.

Read more about this pot from our review on this modern hidden cat litter box.


#2: Hidden cat litter box table

Cat litter box table

For those who appreciate having an elegant piece of furniture, this luxurious looking espresso table might what you are looking. A peak inside the box reveals a big space that can house almost all breeds of cat. On the outside, the espresso finish looks beautiful and hides the fact that there is cat litter box inside.  It is also worth noting that the materials used for this cat litter table is all safe for the environment. This table truly is a eco friendly pet product.

For more details, read our review on this eco friendly cat litter box.


#3: Wooden cat litter box

Wooden cat litter enclosure

If you want a wooden cat litter box cabinet, then this might be the choice for you. However. do note that wooden materials tend to absorb water so there is a chance that it can absorb your cat’ s piss if it missed the litter box. When that happen, the smell will be almost impossible to remove and the wood itself might wrap. So, a word of advice. Only consider buying a wooden cat litter box cabinet if your cat is tidy and doesn’t miss.

Having said the above, this is a hidden cabinet with a beautiful grain design. The surface area on the top is also useful for storing other items.

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The design of the hidden cat litter box furniture has come a long way. As these examples have shown, it is now possible to have a cat at home without making the it smelly or messy. Try one of these. You wouldn’t regret it.

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