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Molly and Friends cat tree reviews – best cat tree for large cats

When it comes to cat tree furniture for small apartments, there are a couple of brands that stood out. In the previous article, I manage to do an Armarkat cat tree review. However, I left out other brands such as go pet club, Sebastian modern, baobab, hidden hollow etc. Starting from this article, I am going to do an indepth review of each of these brands, starting with Molly and Friends.


Best cat tree furniture for large or fat cats

molly and friends cat tree reviewsOne of the things that strike me the most when reviewing the Molly and Friends cat tree is that it is going a great match for large or fat cats. Most cat trees are meant for cats under 10 pounds and will collapse if your cat is anything heavier than that. You will be glad to know that Molly and Friend cat tree can support up to 28 pounds, so even your fat cat can get to play with this 🙂

If you are unsure and wants to know the dimension for each of the resting area, here are the stats:

Top & bottom platforms = approx 17″ long by 13″ wide
Middle round platform = 15″ inner diameter
Base = approx 24-25″ on each side

These dimensions should give you assurance that your large cat can sleep comfortably in any of the perch.

Sturdy with no assembly required

Another cool thing about the Molly and Friends cat tree furniture is that it doesn’t require any assembly at all. That is right. It is all handmade and comes in one solid piece. This means the poles are much sturdier than most tree house because there is no joints. Usually, it is the joints that will shake under the weight of the cats and caused them to not want to try out their new home.


Other Benefits

Beside being able to support large cats and requiring no assembly, the Molly and Friends cat tree have a host of positive traits found in other cat tree furniture:

  • No unprotected nails: Most of the cheaper cat tree house have nails that are not protected. This might injure the paws of your cat if it is not careful.
  • High quality finish: It is hard to convey in words but the finishing on this cat tree is very high quality. There is no smell and everything feels polished. It feels very solid and gives a big assurance that it wouldn’t fall apart with your cats playing on it.
  • Thick rope: Cats love to scratch and these thick ropes covering the cat tree will give them plenty of things to get their paws on. These Sisal ropes are really thick and will last you for years.


Any flaws?

The review so far seems to indicate it is a perfect product. To a certain extend, it really is as I have seldom come across a better quality cat tree house that is sturdy and can support large cats. The one glaring weakness is the price. It costs about USD300 for one of these so some of you might feel the pitch. However, you do get a product that can lasts for quite a while so I guess that will offset some of the cost if you think in years.

Another thing to worry might be the shipping. As this is not a module product, it tend to suffer damages during shipping if the shipper is not careful. As a precaution, I urge you to buy from Amazon as their return policy is top notch and protects you from any shipping damage.

Finally, there is one small flaw in the cat tree house design, which is exposing the seams of the base carpet. If you cat starts scratching on those, they will probably come loose pretty fast.  It will not make the product unusable but is something I should highlight.



Overall, the Molly and Friends cat tree furniture is a great piece of cat furniture that is sturdy and polished. It uses quality materials and is very well made. The only downside is the price and potential shipping problem due to its non modular makeup. However, if you are looking for the best cat tree house for large cats, you can’t do better than this.

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