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4 types of non smelly litter box

A smelly litter box is the last thing that any cat owner will want in their homes. Most cheap litter boxes doesn’t stop litter tracking and they made it hard for owners to clean the litter away. If you want a non smelly litter box, it is good to invest in a high quality one that can take care of the smell.

Presented below are 4 types of non smelly litter boxes that is worthy of a purchase to provide relief for your nose!

#1: Non smelly litter box furniture

Wooden cat litter enclosureModern cat litter furniture is fast becoming the top choice for many cat owners. Not only does it prevent the cat litter from being kicked around and stinking the whole house, it looks absolutely gorgeous and blends in well with the rest of the house decor. Your visitors don’t know that it is a cat litter end table unless you open up the doors to show them.

This particular cat litter furniture is a classic.

As long as you put in the right sized litter box and use liners on the walls, there will no smell if you do the daily cleaning. The furniture design makes it easy for you to scope out the litter and the solid clumps so daily cleaning becomes less of a chore.

It is also easy to assemble. If you put together any Ikea furniture before, this will be a similar experience, except with better quality materials. Having said that, it is not sturdy enough for a full adult to sit on it and I suggest you don’t try this, especially if you do away with the divider. It is ok to put some storage containers on top of the bench but nothing too heavy should be attempted.


#2: Self cleaning litter box

non smelly self cleaning litter boxAnother type of non smelly litter box is the self cleaning type. These are more expensive than your usual cat litter box but they really work. I recommend the Omega model as it has been proved to work effectively by thousands of positive Amazon reviewers. It works by rolling the cat litter to the right and back away such that the waste is collected in a pullout scope that can be easily removed. In this way, your cat litter will never accumulate and stinks up the whole place.

The size of this automatic cat litter box is big enough for large cats that weight over 18 pounds. Just remember to get the large size version. If your cat doesn’t like its litter box to be covered, you can remove the cover easily and use it only when you want the cat litter box to self clean. If you don’t cover the box during that process, don’t blame the manufacturer for seeing cat litter everywhere!

In fact, the self cleaning litter box can work together with the hidden cat litter bench mentioned above. You can easily fit the Omega self cleaning litter box into the bench and have a smell free home, especially for small apartments.


 #3: Odor free cat litter box

odor free cat litter boxFn Nano is a high tech litter box that uses technology to solve the odor problem. Specifically, it uses a UV light source to eliminate the bacteria and odor before it gets into the room. The result is a non smelly cat litter box that is easy to clean and stay bacteria free all the time.

The great thing is that even with the door open, you still wouldn’t smell a thing so that takes cares of the problem that some cats don’t like enclosed space. Also, with a wide area inside, it is enough to fit the most fat cat you might have.

In terms of cleaning, you just need to leave the light on to remove the bacteria and smell. For the litter scooping, you can do it once a day. To dump the cat litter and clean the box, you probably need to do so once a month. Compared this to how a normal cat litter box needs to be clean and you can see the amount of time savings you are going to get with the FN Nano.

The only downside is that this is an expensive odor free cat litter box. It costs more than $170 which might seem a lot when you compared to the $30+ that an average cat litter box cost. However, you get a device that works beautifully in removing odor and saves you precious time in cleaning. Depending on what is important to you, the $170+ price tag might not seem unreasonable.


 #4: Cheap cat litter box

81R9j3S-p6L._SL1500_The last option is just to buy any normal cheap cat litter box and add in this: NonScents Odor Control. It is a patented odor eliminator that claims to remove the smell 100%. It is very affordable and seems to work.

Problem is that the reviews are not consistent. There are a handful of reviewers saying that this product doesn’t work at all so it is not 100% guarantee. However, for the cheap price, I think it is worth to order a pack and test it for yourself. 

All you need to do is to add this into your cat litter box and change it once every month. Its patented technology will take care of the rest. Sounds really easy doesn’t it?



There are many ways to get a non smelly cat litter box. Just explore the options and learn what is best for your budget and situation. Smelling cat litter every night is not a problem of which there is no solution.

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